The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.

Nejlepší učitelé neučí z učebnice, ale ze srdce.
Die besten Lehrer unterrichten von Herzen, nicht aus dem Buch.
A legjobb tanárok szívből tanítanak, nem könyvből.

Melinda Morvay, MA

I am a certified English teacher – a graduate of the Faculty of Education. I have lived in England, the USA, Canada, and Denmark. My primary interest lies in the teaching methodology of English for non-native speakers.

I have 20 years of experience in English linguistics, language teaching, and teaching methodology. I started teaching English at 15.

I teach and tutor children, provide corporate English language training, and coach young English teachers. Alongside my native English-speaking colleagues, I prepare candidates for FCE exams and admission interviews to prestigious colleges. Additionally, as a native Hungarian speaker, I also teach Hungarian. English is my fifth language.

“Learning is not a linear, uniform, incremental, nor easily measurable process. It is idiosyncratic, recursive, capricious, and essentially messy. It may proceed in sudden leaps of understanding, followed by relatively long periods of stasis, even backsliding. And every learner will do it differently. So to try to impose a timetable on it is a recipe for disappointment.”

Scott Thornbury on Language Learning

How I teach

In our sessions, I prioritize natural conversation, without overwhelming the student with an excess of instructional materials. The lessons are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each student, and the flow of the session is not dictated by any textbook or other teaching material. I understand that each student is unique, and I ensure that their individual needs are taken into account.

I used to dread English classes because it always felt like a punishment to me. Although I require English for my job, I had been avoiding any English-speaking meetings until I met Melinda. From my first lesson with her, Melinda has been able to remove the mental block I had and now I genuinely enjoy my English lessons with her. She has a lively and fun approach to teaching, and always manages to find interesting topics that engage me.
Ing. Simona Fialová, MBA
Facta, s.r.o., Prague
Melinda is an excellent teacher who has been teaching English to employees at our municipal office for almost a year. The English classes cater to students of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Melinda has a personalized approach to each student. In the classes, we are also practicing English for interactions with foreigners, over five hundred of whom reside in our municipality.
Ing. Kateřina Vokounová
Secretary of the Vestec Municipal Office
English lessons with Melinda are always very well prepared. I like the flexibility and structure of the lessons, combining repetition of previous language skills with new ones. The acquisition of grammar and new vocabulary is done through practical conversational exercises. The biggest benefit for me is that this way of teaching has made me feel less shy about using the English language. I appreciate the professional approach.
Ing. Jan Tománek
MPOWER Engineering a.s., Praque
I am currently taking English lessons for the second time and I have noticed a significant improvement in my learning. Unlike my previous teacher, Melinda is quick to identify and correct any mistakes I make. Additionally, she has been using the appropriate study material, which has helped me achieve motivating results within a short period of time. I find Melinda's personal approach and creative teaching style to be effective and enjoyable.
Jiří Dvořáček
VT Project, Prague
Ms. Morvay's English lessons are truly one-of-a-kind, as they are engaging and involve a lot of conversation, with particular emphasis on accurate pronunciation. The focus is on practical and informal conversations, rather than textbooks or pre-written scripts. This approach to learning, along with the preparation done at home, is both intensive and beneficial. We are extremely pleased with Melinda's teaching method and always look forward to our next lesson.
construction machinery
Melinda radiates cheerfulness, positivity, and energy, which is evidently reflected in her classes that are filled with games and interactive activities to make the learning process enjoyable. Every lesson is unique, and the teaching methods are highly imaginative. Melinda has the ability to make the English language interesting and easy to comprehend. She can engage with her students and explain even the most complex concepts in a simple and understandable manner. Her lessons are so captivating that they leave you eagerly waiting for the next one.
Ing. Milan Skrbek
Czech Television, Prague
Melinda is an exceptional teacher whose lessons stand out because of their creativity, attractiveness, and effectiveness. She understands that learning should be engaging and fun, and she achieves this by incorporating surprises and changes into her lessons. Unlike traditional teaching methods that rely on monotonous drills, Melinda's approach focuses on developing communication skills, making it easier for students to learn and retain the information. Melinda is always well-prepared for her lessons, and her teaching background is evident in her positive and patient demeanor toward her students. Although I may sometimes neglect my studies, attending Melinda's classes is always a meaningful use of my time. Despite my slow progress, I enjoy her classes, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an enthusiastic and effective teacher.
Ing. Jaroslava Šnajbergová
USYS, a.s., Prague
The best English learning experience I have had so far. After a long break, I quickly started to revive and develop my forgotten knowledge with Melinda.
Mgr. Martin Mátl
Ministry of Health
I have been determined to learn English for a long time, but being a beginner, I thought it would be a tough nut to crack. However, since I started taking classes with Melinda, my perspective has completely changed. Melinda is incredibly nice and patient, and she has come up with systems that really help me to absorb the language. Learning English has become a fun game thanks to Melinda, and I eagerly look forward to every class. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn English.
Zuzana Horak
Hotel St. George, Prague
Two hours of English with Melinda always fly by. The lively conversation and straightforward grammar examples make me forget work fatigue.
Mgr. Michal Hojný
IKEM, Prague
I highly recommend English with Melinda to anyone looking for a personalized, creative, and engaging learning experience. Melinda's positive and fun approach makes even the most challenging concepts easy to understand. Her knowledge and expertise go hand in hand with her personal approach, making her a fantastic teacher. With Melinda, nothing is a barrier, and learning seems simpler and easier.
Lukáš Heinitz
Filmservice, a.s., Prague
I really enjoyed my English classes with Melinda. Her lessons were very creative and each one was a little different, so I never got bored. The lessons were so much fun that time flew by and I wished they were longer. Despite not being the youngest student in the class and having poor short-term and long-term memory, I could remember a lot of words and phrases from the lessons. Melinda's positive attitude towards her students is invaluable and makes a real difference. I have experienced the opposite with other teachers in the past. Thanks to Melinda's approach, I enjoyed doing my homework, which hadn't happened in a long time. I'm so glad I found her and trusted my intuition that she was the right choice for me.
MUDr. Martina Žáčková
MD, Prague
Melinda is teaching both of my children, my 10-year-old and 13-year-old sons. My younger son is improving his language skills with Melinda at the British school he attends, while my older son is taking conversation classes from her. The children enjoy Melinda's teaching style because she creates a relaxed atmosphere and makes learning fun. I highly recommend Melinda as a professional and as a person.
Martina Ságlová
During the summer holidays Melinda was preparing my 6-year-old daughter to start British in September. My daughter not only found the lessons helpful but always looked forward to them.
Martina Mann
Melinda has a unique ability to uncover and unlock hidden knowledge in her English learners. She uses her distinctive teaching style to engage people in learning a language that is not their native tongue and helps them make important connections. Her approach and enthusiasm for language learning empower people to realize that it's not something otherworldly that only a select few can achieve.
Ing. Vladimír Valeš
Managing Director, BETVAR a.s.