A legjobb tanárok szívből tanítanak, nem könyvből.

Mgr. Melinda Morvay

I am an English as a foreign language teacher and native Hungarian living in the Czech Republic. I hold a Master’s degree in teaching. I was raised bilingual.

Teaching and learning languages is my passion. Besides Hungarian and English I speak three other languages. Primarily, I teach English as a foreign language to children, adults and companies and as a hobby I teach Hungarian to those who enjoy challenges and have been captured by this unique language.

“Learning is not a linear, uniform, incremental, nor easily measurable process. It is idiosyncratic, recursive, capricious and essentially messy. It may proceed in sudden leaps of understanding, followed by relatively long periods of stasis, even of backsliding. And every learner will do it differently. So to try to impose a timetable on it is a recipe for disappointment.”



Scott Thornbury

Because learning is such a mysterious process and because I am a teacher at heart, I keep myself up to date with current teaching trends and experiment with methods and methodology. Disseminating information about the Hungarian language is a legacy to me; it is how I pay tribute to my ancestors. I find that teaching the Hungarian language is a process that requires a lot of mind-work, so for me, it is my personal mind-gym.